Vouwkarton vervangt plastic om de klimaatimpact te reduceren

Het vervangen van plastic door andere materialen van non-fossiele grondstoffen is een duidelijke trend, niet het minste plaats in de verpakkingsindustrie. Overschakelen van fossiel plastic naar een alternatief materiaal, zoals vouwkarton, vermindert de impact van bedrijven op het klimaat.

Vouwkarton vervangt steeds vaker plastic. Daar waar een geschikt materiaal beschikbaar is gemaakt van een non-fossiele grondstof, zou dat altijd de voorkeur moeten hebben. Steeds meer 

Lees hieronder een aantal voorbeelden van bedrijven die de overstap hebben gemaakt en waarom.

“When our card supplier, Megacard, suggested we could make our gift cards from paperboard and thereby drastically reduce their environmental impact, it was self-evident to us to switch,” explains Anna Marcusson, product manager for gift cards at SF Bio.

“In plain language, it means we’re phasing out the use of 10 tonnes of PVC a year by phasing out the plastic and replacing it with cards made of Invercote from Iggesund Paperboard,” she continues.

Iggesund panorama

Replacing plastic with a non-fossil material is a clear trend, not least in the packaging industry. Switching from fossil plastic to an alternative material such as paperboard reduces companies’ climate impact. Changing an established infrastructure takes time, though, especially if it means that the packaging must be redesigned, the packing equipment modified or replaced, and the distribution from manufacturer to consumer is affected. The UK food company Iceland has attracted widespread attention with its pledges to eliminate plastic in its packaging within five years. Many people with packaging experience say five years is a fairly short time given the challenges faced by Iceland.

In light of these factors, the switchovers by IKEA and SF Bio have occurred very quickly, and there is reason to believe that many more companies will follow their example.

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(bron: persbericht Iggesund Paperboard)


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